PaSaRyu Martial Arts Academy


Any Course
2 weeks
only $29.00

Our goal at PaSaRyu Martial Arts Academy, is to develop students who will become leaders in the community. By teaching life changing skills, that give the students the tools needed to develop a sense of self-worth, a sense of pride and determination that will see them through everything from school, sporting activities to work and charitiable activities.

PaSaRyu training develops and promotes a harmony between ones mind, body & spirit. The result is a student who walks with confidence in knowing who they are, able to focus on individual goals, and achieve anything they put their mind to.


Yoga Tai-Chi

In this complex and tension filled society, Yoga/Tai Chi exercise provides a natural way to relieve stress and maintain an energized and dynamic lifestyle. The result of 25 years of development by Haewon and Kang Rhee, oriental masters, Yoga/Tai Chi combines the best principles of Tai Chi from China, Yoga from India, and Hang Sun from Korea.



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